Mr Al-Sabti offers a number of different treatments to help treat and resolve shoulder pain, some of the treatments include injection, shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repair and joint replacement. If you are looking for a Shoulder Surgeon Essex then look no further. Mr Al-Sabti’s shoulder clinic Essex offers a wide range of shoulder treatments.

Mr Al-Sabti has pioneered a One Stop Shoulder Clinic, a new and innovative way of diagnosing and treating patients presenting with a wide and varied range of shoulder complaints.

Spire Hartswood Hospital

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Monday – 14.00-20.00
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Thursday – 09.00-17.00

Holly Private Hospital

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Wednesday – 08.30-12.00
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Essex Nuffield Brentwood Hospital

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Monday – 08.00-15.00
Tuesday – 14.00-17.00

Shoulder pain causes

The shoulder can also become painful if there is a swelling of the bursa sacs or swelling of the tendons around the shoulder. Bone spurs and torn cartilage are also causes of shoulder pain in many cases. The rotator cuff is a big cause of pain in the shoulder as well. Lastly, the shoulder can become painful and stiff if it remains unused for too long – this is known as “frozen shoulder.”

Shoulder Treatment

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body, making it extremely unstable and more inclined to dislocate or become more painful than other joints. Mr Al-Sabti can provide the best treatment for your individual case, helping you back to full fitness again with our specialist recovery care.
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