Patient History

Patients are examined in Mr Al-Sabti’s outpatient clinic. At this time a full medical history would be taken, including any history of injury and an assessment is then made. The most common complaint is pain during the night; this often results in disturbance to the normal sleep pattern.


Examination involves assessing the neck and shoulders. Shoulder examination will compare the painful shoulder to the good side thereby establishing what is normal for the individual patient.


If required, X-rays and ultrasound scans are required, these can normally take place on the same day – see One Stop Shoulder Clinic. There may be a day or so to wait for an MRI scan.


Treatment may commence during your first visit to the clinic; this may consist of an injection of local steroid for conditions such as impingement syndrome and rotator cuff problems. Physiotherapy may also be arranged at this time. If surgery is suggested, this will be discussed thoroughly, along with all other available treatment options.


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